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In this book, Francisco Szekely and Zahir Dossa offer a pragmatic new business model for sustainability that extends beyond the traditional framework of the triple bottom line, describing eight steps that range from exploring a vision and establishing a strategy to implementing the strategy and promoting innovation. Szekely and Dossa argue that businesses and organizations need to move away from the business case for sustainability toward a sustainable business model. That is, businesses should go beyond the usual short-term focus on minimizing harm while maximizing profits. Instead, businesses on the path to sustainability should, from the start, focus on addressing a societal need and view profitability not as an end but as a means to support the sustainable organization.Szekely and Dossa explore key problems organizations face when pursuing a sustainability agenda. Each chapter presents one of the eight steps, describes a business dilemma for sustainability, provides a theoretically grounded strategic framework, offers case studies that illustrate the dilemma, and summarizes key findings; the case studies draw on the experiences of such companies as Tesla Motors, Patagonia, TOMs, and Panera. The book emphasizes leadership, arguing that leaders who question the status quo, inspire others, and take risks are essential for achieving sustainable business practices.</DIV></center></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) Francisco Szekely</br>The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) book download</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) book french</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) download from SaberCatHost pdf</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) ebook free download</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) mobile pdf</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) original book</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) book cheap book</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) free full pc phone book</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) download from SaberCatHost pdf</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) download eng book</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) book Box</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) book iCloud</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) download android</br> The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press) free online iphone</br> </br></br></br></br><img src="" alt="The Beyond the Triple Bottom Line: Eight Steps toward a Sustainable Business Model (MIT Press)">ISBN9781853396885Feijoada A typical black bean food dish from Brazil This microfinance project also has many benefits, such as empowering women and giving parents the ability to save money for their childrens educationThe increasing use of alternative data in credit scoring, such as trade credit is increasing commercial banks' interest in microfinance.[49] Banking on mobiles: why, how, for whom? 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